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June 2, 2004


Meet Kyle Rankin. This new male O'Reilly WebLogger's claim to fame is that he is a 2004 year old married sysadmin for a heterogeneous network who has been running Debian since (only) 1998!

WTF, over?? What books has he written? What articles? What in the hell does he know that a dozen members, at least, of LinuxChix don't???

Why are they having a total blog newbie, without a single book published to his name, on their blog? Who'd he sleep with?

What's worse is, he can barely write!! But don't take my word for it, check out this half-baked, lame rehash entry on DRM. He writes more run-on sentences than I do, and not as well!!

Lets face it, they have, as a professional blogger (read by thousands of people) a kid who was in kindergarten when I worked for my first high tech startup. This kid has contributed not a single damn thing to the field other than running a mixed shop!!! Big, fat, hairy deal!

I am, quite frankly, insulted, personally and professionally. As one respondant put it "How does one who has never blogged earn the priveledge of an O'Reilly Network weblog?"

Posted by ljl at June 2, 2004 2:6 AM


I don't know how they choose their bloggers, but why don't you ask them? You do have some valid points, so why not simply send them an email and say "hi, may I be your blogger? I already HAVE a blog, and I have been here for a while."

(Hm, I just found my own paragraph a bit harsh. It's not meant that way but I am not able to phrase mnyself different in English right now.)

Anyway, why not just go for it? :-)

-- magni

Posted by: Magni at June 2, 2004 2:32 PM