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August 21, 2004


I signed up for Technorati yesterday from work, and even mailed myself my login and password. Today, I can't log in.

The site takes for bloody ever to load after you've send them something (i.e. click "submit"). I figure they're running off of a one lung Mac on a slow DSL line. Sheesh! I'm not impressed, especially with the login failure crap.

Anyway, it's been well over 3 minutes, and they still haven't sent me the password reset instructions email. It should be an automatic script, and even sites in Germany have a better turn around on email request and receipt.

I think the login problem is at their end, but what the heck, I can play the game this weekend. Still, they call themselves a "business"??

Posted by ljl at August 21, 2004 4:55 PM


I've always had problems with Technorati as well. Eventually I gave up, deciding that nothing truly cool could be so incompetent.

Posted by: Teri at August 2002, 2004 11:2008 AM