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April 2007, 2005

Stealthy, the World is Changing

I bring your attention to this: Waste-to-Oil Company Selling Oil Commercially. While George Bush plays swaggering oilman, homegrown outfit are trying to obviate the need for imported oil.

Any increase in oil and energy independence can reduce our trade deficit. Trade deficit reduction in turn helps stabilize and boost the core value of the dollar, and as a by-product the value of an hour of American work.

Furthermore, turning waste into energy, oil, and heat reduces the environmental impact of landfilling, which is a growing problem not only for US cities, but any dense population center with a "modern" waste stream.

Yes, I'm still an environmental geek at heart. I love elegant solutions to multiple problems at once. I've been an alternate fuels fan since high school.

Posted by ljl at April 2007, 2005 6:48 PM