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April 4, 2006

What I Do, at A9 and Elsewhere

I am a systems engineer. This means I do internal infrastructure, and handle user issues. I'm not a software developer, but I'm not just a help desk person either.

My area of specialty is Linux operating system and software, both implementation and customization. I also write perl and shell code, admin miscellaneous source control systems, and even play with the hardware. I play with embedded systems as a hobby.

Since I'm not a programmer, I don't do any contributions to open source projects. I just test it and comment to those that do. Nothing glorious, or ego-worthy.

I like to write, and when I get time I do reviews (see The Other Hand). Since I actually have a fairly busy life, I don't get to write up as much as I like.

So I have fairly unknown, unimportant blogs, a fairly calm, routine job, and a tendency to flame from my days on usenet.

Posted by ljl at April 4, 2006 11:53 AM