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May 12, 2009

Wanted: A New Conservative Party

OK, we know that the Republican party has become the party of religious conservatives, corporate pandering and bellicose foreign relations. No longer fiscally responsible, they say "No" to any spending or tax cut for the middle class, and "Yes" to any and all spending and tax cuts for huge corporations and the wealthy. They want to get all up in people's private business, and push their pseudo-religious agenda onto everyone by force of law, but don't want a single regulation to touch their precious corporations and how they do business with the public.

That's not a true conservative, IMO. It's a parody owned and operated by corporate and religious interests (that are often in bed together, too.)

What's a true conservative? They believe in:

Needless to say, this isn't the Libertarian party, which is in the process of being hijacked by the religious nuts, just like the GOP has. The Democrats, while living up to some of this, are also beholden to big business, and like to regulate personal behavior as well. Plus, they have just as selective a reading of the Bill of Rights as the Republicans do, they just omit of twist different amendments. The other third parties are either ultra leftist, are religious cults, are racists, are one trick ponies, or are just plain not based in reality.

How about calling the new conservative/moderate party the Foundation Party, because they respect the principles that were involved in the nation's founding (equality, freedom of religion and the press, opportunity, public stewardship, independence, and rebellion against corporate power backed by government arms.)

Too bad no one reads this blog...

Posted by ljl at May 12, 2009 7:5 PM


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