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March 5, 2007

Truth in Labeling - When "Zero" ("") ISN'T!

Dear Jerk Food Producers,

If I get a hold of one of your single serving containers of crap, and it says " grams of trans fat", I expect it to really be Zero. Yet if I read the ingredients list, and the top item is "liquid and partially hydrogenated soybean oil", and a few down the list is "hydrogenated soybean oil", I know that you are LIARS!!

You see, if you have a vat of stuff, say 1 Kg (1, g) worth, and one of the ingredients is 45 g of trans fats, the trans fats in the resultant concoction are not grams, regardless of "serving size"!! Simply subdividing the servings until the trans fats are less than one gram per serving does not make it " grams of trans fat". It just doesn't work that way. Yes, it has "less than 1 gram", or even "less than .5 grams" of trans fats, but it is still not zero!!

So don't try to tell me that anything with partially or fully hydrogenated crap in it has "zero", "" or "no" grams of trans fat. Because you are lying, deceiving, and scum. If I had thought to grab the container of poison, I'd have grumbled to weights and measures, or the FDA, or whoever.

Water has grams of trans fat per serving. "Butter" flavored "Spread" made with hydrogenated (partially or fully) soybean oils does not, and can not.

Now quit lying. "< 1" is not the same as "". While "" is "< 1", "< 1" is not "". This is basic chemical analysis, set theory, and horse sense.

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