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August 09, 2013

More Cloud Fallacy

Check out Your Ninja 10X Rockstar Developer is Force-Feeding Bacon to Your Lean Startup

Specifically see the diatribe on why you should "outsource" everything but your core competency, specifically:

...so they outsourced, for example, to Amazon Web Services (server + network administration).

BZZZZT!!! Wrong!! You do not escape "server + network administration".

All you escape is buying, racking and maintaining the hardware and the infrastructure.

If you don't, then you are not ready for prime time, because you are neither redundant, fault tolerant, or even aware of what is happening with your own stuff!

These idiots think that the cloud is a magical "plug and play" device that they just have to spin up an instance and it will configure, administer and monitor itself. That's just bullshit.

If they expect the developers to administer their infrastructure and production systems, then they are wasting developer time and expertise. Very few developers have clues about systems and network admin.

A good systems/network administrator will save even the "lean" startup a fortune in headache, lost productivity, downtime and client ill will. Just the simple act of having intelligent deployment and monitoring can possibly save your company from embarrassment or even failure.

Don't neglect it. Also, don't expect a Windows admin to effectively run a pile of Linux instances along with keeping your desktops virus free. Very few know how. Hire a real sysadmin.

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