November 3, 2002

D&B Listing of ModusVarious?

Modus Various is the little consulting business that my roomies and I have maintained for the last few years. It has no "office", no bank account, no DBA, and no revenue. It is solely a vehicle for advertising our services and collecting information. Yet it is listed in Dun & Bradstreet!

Of course, I have to pay to get a credit report on our little company. But Modus Various doesn't have credit!

OTOH, it's credit rating is guaranteed to be far better than mine. 18 months without even more than a day or two of temporary work does nasty things to your ability to pay your bills.

Because of this, I get offers to list my name in things like the National Register's "Who's Who" in Executives and professionals. Needless to say, I'll go ahead with the listing. My phone is on an answering machine, and I need the business that it just might generate!

One of my roomies has the CA Republican Party wanting him to become a honorary chairman because of Modus Various. This has us laughing periodically because he's on disability for psychological problems with authority and stress!

I guess the fact that we're still around after the dot bomb means we have "staying power".

Too bad I can't figure a way to make this into money, but I suck at marketing, especially myself. sigh

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