February 11, 2004

Another Contract Concern

We haven't hired a clone of me yet. The position is posted as contract to hire. This actually gives me a little consternation.

You see, I am not a sweet, bidable employee, who puts up with baloney silently. I am an iconoclast. I am also a contractor. I'm betting that they'll hire someone cheap, maybe even an H1-b from a body shop. When the double workload is gone, and I've cross-trained this person in all of my projects, they'll send me packing and keep the foreign born male they will probably hire.

Now add to this that most of the people $Job actually brings in for interviews are foreign born, male, and have college graduating dates in the 1990s, and you get the feeling that they're selecting for young, cheap, and ignorant of their actual rights as a worker.

Is this irritating? Yes. Do I have proof? No, damnit. OTOH, if it happens that way, you can color me union organizer.

Posted by ljl at February 11, 2004 11:23 PM