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March 7, 2005

Spam Reduction Practices

I get spam. Everyone does. I have multiple mailboxes, multiple addresses, so I get the damnedest spam. Let's look at the source vectors... and how to cope.

Mailing lists: If the list is publically archived, and the list software doesn't mung your address, or if the list manager doesn't care, you get spam. I use custom addresses for most lists, and I've started expiring them as well. It's a bit more manual maintenance, but it foils the vendors of boob jobs and pecker pills a bit.

Web addresses: I have my email on my resume, so the get rich quick jokers think that's a likely sucker. Yes, I break it up and munge it, but the spam skanks still find it. So it gets dated an expired too.

Generic addresses: Addresses like sales, marketing, end such like just plain bounce for my domains. You want to "market" my site? Too bad. If I want your "services" to publicise my presence, I'll find you.

Now, for certain types of areas of interest I have specific addresses. If those start getting skanky ads, the address gets flushed.

Still, I would seriously consider the death penalty for spammers. Or maybe prison terms for suckers who buy from them. I mean hell, if you want p*n*s p*lls or br**st *nl*rg*m*nt, just buy them from Amazon.com. (Yes, the links are real!) At least Amazon won't steal you credit card and identity details and rip you off.

Posted by ljl at March 7, 2005 12:17 PM