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November 25, 2008

Tax Spend Borrow Repay

The last 8 years of disastrous Republican fiscal policy can be best described as Borrow and Spend

The next 8 or more years will have to be Tax and Repay.

People will whine about tax increases, or, more precisely, the elimination of tax cuts for the wealth and loopholes for corporations. But it's still fair - we allowed the Republicans to borrow against our future earnings and blow it on wars, pork and corporate welfare - and the debt has come due. It's time for the nation to repay it.

We do need to be sure that we don't allow our profligate relatives politicians to run up our debts again, however.

The demonization of Democrats and liberals as "Tax and Spend" types is fallacious. It is the movement Republicans who have become the party of bloated government, wasteful expenditures and crushing debt - the "Borrow and Spend Like the Bill Never Comes Due" phenomenon that has left our economy in ruin and our nation is individual and collective debt up to our eyeballs.

It is the Democrats who now must be the voice of fiscal responsibility, and raise the shouts of "Repay the Debt", "Pay as You Go", and "TANSTAAFL!".

Expect higher taxes, and don't whine about it. We let the Republicans get away with it, now we need to clean their messes. That costs money, and we can't leave it to the next generation to repay with even more interest.

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November 19, 2008

I Love Amazon's Fernley Facility!!

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I got it at 11:2 am on 11/19 here in Palo Alto.

Can you say Wow!! 1 day!

Now, with the holidays the hardworking folks at the warehouse won't be able to do this all the time, but Wow!!!

IMO, under promise and over deliver are a good way to run a business.

Good job, folks!

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