September 2, 2003

How Not to Promote a Company

A colleague of mine, from the product management side of the house, recently attended an industry trade show. There she attended a panel by a competitor, who thought that to boost his product his best bet was to slam ours, with lies. Okay, so that's business. My colleague makes motions that what he's saying isn't so.

But then the sleazebag comments that the only reason he hasn't had her removed from his (open) panel presentation is because she's "kinda cute". Bad enough, right? Then he follows on with "... that's why they hired you, you know."

This gal is the product manager for our product. Any marketing driven requirements, she gathers, writes up, and disseminates - no mean feat. Not a big boobed booth bunny (aka product stroker) by any means.

The sleezeball was the president of his company, so no slapping him down from the HR direction. Still, I wonder that any of his people can stand to work for him. I'd be horribly embarassed, myself. Some of the folks at his booth did come by and apologize on the company's behalf later, but nothing official.

Needless to say, the guy will get buried in the marketplace. What a jerk!

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